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Christmas in Sri Lanka

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Christmas is my favourite time of year. Since childhood it has been a time that stands above all the rest. What amazes me is that even though my Christmas memories entail feeling cold, playing in the snow, warming up by a fire, ice skating, and long winter nights. I now find myself living in the tropics where its very different, yet, somehow the feeling of Christmas is very much the same. Having now lived in Sri Lanka now for 9 years and observing that we actually do have seasonal changes just a lot more subtle. I have witnessed a few types of trees that their leaves turning colour and fall. In December there is a morning chill in the air that makes you want to warm by a fire. But all those things aside, I have come to understand that its the reason of the season that overtakes all the feelings and experiences. Its all about Jesus, the Son of God, born to a Virgin Mary, in the little town of Bethlehem, born to us as a gift for all man kind, the Saviour of the world that makes it the most special time of year. This truth, this remarkable time in our history, this life changing night so long ago is just as true here as it is there and everywhere. This is the reason I so love this season.


Be Part of Our Christmas this Year!

We are very excited about Christmas this year. Our last big Christmas program was December 2019. We had Covid restricted gift and hamper distributions in 2020/21. So this Christmas we want to share with you about our plans and how you can partner with us.

  • December 10th - Outreach at our extension Bud Centre program
  • December 17th - Christmas program and gift giving at the Bud Centre
  • December 18th - Sunday School Christmas Program at Lanka Faith Mission Church
  • December 24th - Christmas Eve Night Event
  • December 25th - Hamper Distribution

We are currently spending our afternoons with Centre kids practicing songs, dances, and drama’s for these events and our extention program and Sunday school are doing the same. Through all of this we are learning all about the true meaning of Christmas and our focus in on Jesus who came to this world as the gift of all gifts. We may not have the fluffy white snow to feel festive but the feeling of Christmas is very much in the air.

You can help take our events to an extra special level by contributing towards gifts for around 250 kids @ $10.00 per gift.

Food hampers will cost $40.00 per pack and our goal is 150 packs.

We also want to provide a meal for our Christmas Eve night and snacks at the programs and this would cost us around $1,000.

Would you consider making a contribution to help us bless others above and beyond this Christmas. https://paoc.org/donate/NishantheKandangama