GO Toddlers

In Go Toddlers we aim to create a joyful, engaging and calm environment where toddlers from age 2 to 4 can experience God’s presence. Each week we want each child to feel how valued and loved they are through the words and actions that we show. We want to come alongside and provide resources for parents to disciple their children.

We believe that even doing the very best that we can on Sunday’s we will fall short without parents who want to engage in the faith of their children. We believe that God has given you your children because you are his very best to teach them about life with God. We want to empower and lift up parents to lead their children in a life of faith.

On Sundays our team welcomes each child, and we play with toys, engage in worship through movement and songs, listen to a story from the bible, chat to God, do a craft/colouring together and have a snack of fish/animal crackers and water.

If you have any questions about integrating faith into your parenting, we would love to chat with you. We will share resources for parenting through e-mail, take home information on Sundays, and courses that we will offer throughout the year.


This site has resources for parents of both babies and toddlers, I have found it really helpful. 

This is a great resource for beginning to parent your children for faith. They offer a free course that walks you through how important your role as a parent is, and some easy practices you can start to begin to engage your children in life with God.




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