GO Team

Leadership Within Arm’s Length:

Leadership is a large aspect of FPGO Kids. We try to integrate leadership in such a way that it feels natural for the child while teaching them to lead through serving. For example, if a child can write and is doing a craft beside a child who cannot, that child is capable of writing the other child’s name on the craft. We encourage children to notice the needs of others around them within arms reach. This is their first step in learning to lead others and is expanded as they are successfully doing so..

Youth Leadership Team:

Once a child is part of this team, they begin formal training. They are expected to attend the training offered (typically monthly after a Sunday Service until 3:15) and show a desire to learn and grow. They will need to adhere to the Jr. Leader Code of Conduct - see below.

To join this team, the child must meet the following requirements:

1. Love God

2. Lead within arms length

3. Follow the Code of Conduct for Kids:

  • Follow instructions
  • Pay attention
  • Participate
  • Be kind and respectful
  • Be helpful - lead others
  • Have fun!

4. Attend GO Kids Sunday morning service regularly

5. Show an interest in leading

6. Invited to join (if your child attends GO Kids, is grade 5 or older and wishes to be invited, they can ask which requirements they still need to work on), OR be in grade 7-12 and complete the application process (https://www.clcconline.ca/get-connected/kids/go-serve/).

Jr. Leaders Code of Conduct:
  • Be on time (9:40 team meeting) and come prepared
  • Be assertive
  • Lead by example
  • Back each other up
  • Notice your surroundings
  • Put the kids first
  • Do the little things
  • Pursue God and listen to Holy Spirit
  • Have fun!