We want kids to have a genuine relationship with Jesus so they can:

Follow Him, Persevere with Him, and by His Grace Overcome any obstacles that come their way. We want them to GO into their destinies!

Here are three online parenting seminars for Free that are excellent. Well worth your time. https://biblicalparenting.org/challengingtimes/


GO NURSERY  6-18 Months

CLCC Nursery

Closed. We introduce Christ to these little ones by speaking blessings over them. We provide a loving atmosphere to the children where they can begin to to hear who they are in Christ.

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GO TODDLERS  18 Months - Age 3

CLCC Toddlers

Open. Our main focus is LOVING the kids and teaching them how much Jesus loves them too. Toddlers is fun and friendly, where your child will learn, grow and be welcomed with open arms.

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GO KIDS  Age 4 - Grade 6

GO Kids

Open. We are foundation builders as we give opportunity to the children to learn about the bible in engaging ways, and connect it to their lives today. Leadership and serving are a large part of GO Kids.

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GO Serve

FPGO Kids is run by caring individuals who believe that investing in children is one of the greatest opportunities we have as a church. Whether you are 12 or 72, if you aren't investing in future generations, we invite you to start.

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Kids in Leadership

By having ages 4 to grade 6 together, leadership training is integrated into the kid's program. Starting in grade 5 some kids will be invited to join our GO Team (Youth Leadership Team), and begin our intensive leadership training.

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COVID Response

Special Events

Check back regularly to keep up-to-date with any changes that you need to be aware of.  Last updated October, 2020.

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