We are very excited to be able to offer Sunday morning programming for children who wish to attend Kids Church, Toddlers, or the Nursery.  

According to our GO Protect child and staff safety plan, children will be registered for service and current COVID standards will be adhered to. Please read the following carefully to help us help you maintain those standards.

Can my child attend children’s programming?
Yes - My child passes the screening checklist questions
Yes - A program is available for his/her age group (see below)
Yes - Registration is still open (see below - TIme)

If all answers above are YES, your child can attend the appropriate children’s service. Please read the rest of this document so you are aware of the procedures that have been implemented.

Programs available:
  • open Kids Church (ages 4-12)
  • open Toddlers (ages 18 months - age 3)  
  • open - 9:00 service only Nursery (ages 6 - 18 months)

Registration will close at 9:15 and 11:15. 


You can register through our mobile app or in person. Stop by the registration table in the church foyer to complete registration and pick up name tags for the children. Adult please take the name tag receipt as you need this to pick up your child.

Classroom choices to register your children into. Please choose the age appropriate class and time.

Ages 6-18 months -- CM - CHILD - 9:00 Nursery 
Ages 18 months - age 3    CM - CHILD - 9:00 Toddlers
                                 CM - CHILD - 11:00 Toddlers
Ages 4 - grade 6  — CM - CHILD - 9:00 Kids Church
                           CM - CHILD - 11:00 Kids Church
Childcare STAFF will register in the appropriate classroom as STAFF
Entry into Children's Classrooms
Please drop off older kids first and then your toddlers and babies.
    1. Kids Church - single door off the foyer
    2. Toddlers - continue down the hallway and the classroom door is at the end
    3. Nursery - Turn down the next hallway and the nursery is at the end to your left

** Sometimes children have a difficult time settling. We will do our best to help them settle, but if we are unable to settle them, or if  your child becomes unsettled sometime during their stay with us, rest assured that we will be contacting you. (Child’s number will be displayed on the big screen in the sanctuary.)


We regularly clean toys and high touch areas.


Please assess your child using the attached check list before coming to church to determine if your child can attend our program. Please read it carefully.


Please no outside toys or extra accessories like little purses.


Coats can be left at the coat rack by the toddler room.  


Kids Church - we will provide water to any child who needs it.

Toddlers - children can bring a water bottle if they wish.

Nursery - Appropriate snacks will be served for babies such as cheerios or MumMums. They will be served water. If you would prefer your child not to partake in snacks or water, please inform the staff or include it in the extra instructions section of the check in.


Kids Church - bathroom is available for children to use right in the classroom.

Toddlers - parent will be called using the number on your child's name tag. It will be displayed on the big screen. We do ask children to use the bathroom if needed before coming to toddlers.

Nursery - parent will be called using the number on your child's name tag. It will be displayed on the big screen. Parent can then change baby's diaper in the men's or women's bathroom.


Staff and children grade 4 and older are required to wear masks. However, a younger child can wear a mask if they choose to do so.

Picking up your child
You will need to bring your registration receipt.
Go through side sanctuary door.
    1. Coats - pick up any coats that are in the coat rack area.
    2. Toddlers first - pick up at the same door you dropped them off at.
    3. Kids Church second - continue down the hall and pick up will be at the double doors just past the bathrooms.
    4. Nursery last - pick up at the same door you dropped them off at.
    5. Exit - please continue down the hall and exit the church. Do not return the way you came.

Parents will come to the door and your children will be brought to you. 

Exiting the church

Once you have picked up your child(ren), exit through the side door of the church.

GO Protect

Our child and staff protection plan is in effect. Staff cannot serve until they have been screened and properly trained.