Welcome to our NO SCHOOL FRIDAY Conference for Kids! Come join us for the keynote message and breakout sessions like baking, painting, woodworking and more! We aim to help kids GROW new skills and discover passions, and then use their new found abilities to GO encourage or help others.

April 26, 2024
9:00 - 3:30
Grade K - 6

$25 per ticket (non-refundable). Ticket includes a morning snack and a pizza lunch. Register early as space is limited.

What to bring:
  • Clean shoes (clean, not necessarily school indoor shoes).
  • If you do not wish to have your child partake in the provided snack of apple pieces and granola bar or a pizza lunch, please bring an alternate snack/lunch for your child.
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9:00 - Doors Open
9:15 - 11:00 - Session I 
11:00 - 11:45 - Keynote message I
11:45 - 12:15 - Lunch     (provided)
12:15 - 1:45 - Session II
1:45 - 2:00 Keynote message II
2:00 - 3:30  - Session III
3:30  - pick up


Each session is 1.5 hours long.

Please discuss with your child what sessions they are interested in. Their choices will sometimes surprise us. We have also found that when children pick their sessions, they are more willing to participate even if it is not exactly what they had envisioned it would be.

BAKED BLESSINGS In this session the children will partake in a guided baking experience. Ms. Carole will lead them step-by-step through the baking process and in the end, kids will have some great treats to bring home with them. 
LOOM BRACELETS AND ACCESSORIES During this session, kids will make a variety of bracelets using loom elastics and a home made loom. They will also have a chance to learn how to make other accessories. Kids can choose to wear all the creations themselves, or make some to give away.
INTRODUCTION TO FIDDLE and DANCE Learn to play the violin! This class is for kids who are interested in learning how to play an instrument. We will also learn how to dance to fiddle music. Suited for boys and girls grade 2 and up with NO prior experience playing the violin.
GARDENING In this session, kids will be introduced to gardening. Together, we will explore how to create the right conditions to help their plants and seeds grow to their full potential. Children will plant seeds to bring home.
PAINTING In the session, kids will learn to paint in layers to create a landscape painting. By the end of the session, they will have completed one landscape painting to take home with them. They will create a different paiting than they did in the November Session. Please note that although kids will be wearing painting shirts, there is still the potential of getting acrylic paint on their skin or clothing.
5D DIAMOND ART Come do exciting 5D diamond art!!! Learn valuable hand eye coordination while creating beautiful works of art using small plastic crystals and pre glued designs. Come discover your inner "gem". Even if they did this session in November, there are many templates to choose from. 
CROSS-STITCH Kids will learn how to cross-stitch following a pattern with different colors. By the end of class, they will have completed or nearly completed their new creation and gained a new skill to share with others. Please note there is potential that children could hurt themselves as they are working with a sharp needle to complete their project. Please discuss this with your child and ensure he/she is ready to cope with the situation.

Kids will gain experience in some basic woodworking skills while creating their own creation. They will also learn how to safely use woodworking tools. The coping saw will be used to cut out simple shapes or pictures which the kids will then paint accordingly. This session is a repeat of the November session, specifically using coping saws to cut out a picture and then painting it. Please note that kids will be using tools such as hammers, saws, etc.  so there is the potential for injury.  And paint can always end up on clothing. Please discuss this with your child and ensure he/she is ready to cope with the situation.

Carolyn Wentzel

Our keynote speaker: Carolyn has been the children’s pastor at City South Church in Edmonton, Alberta for the past 8 years. Along with her love for teaching kids she enjoys creating art, design, up-cycling vintage furniture, gardening and travel. Her love of learning is what inspires her to try new things and meeting new people. She looks forward to being a part of Summit this spring. 

Carole and Guy

Carole and Guy joined Cold Lake Community Church after moving to Cold Lake in 2020 to be closer to their children and grandchildren. They spent 30 plus years serving in the Canadian Military. Guy has a passion for making disciples and speaks of Jesus to every one he meets. Carole is a servant with a passion for children and cooking, these fit together well for a ministry to teach God's love. We are so excited to participate in this inaugural Kids Summit.


Helen has been a teacher for over 25 years and she's been sewing and crafting just as long.  She used to make her children’s clothing when they were young.  Helen cross-stitches, knits, crochets, makes quilts,  teddy bears, and pillows, and also makes/repairs garments.  She simply just loves teaching others the skills she has gained over the years. She is a grandma of 13 children and has gained experience through teaching them her love for crafting. She and her husband have owned a sewing business for over 20 years. Sewing and crafting is her thing!

Suzanne Kohl

Suzanne is a lover of Jesus who is God-taught to paint His glorious creation. She is a wife to Andy, a mother to 4 adult children, and Nana to 5 amazing grandkids. A nurse and an avid gardener Suzanne lives on her family farm near Pierceland where she spends time painting beautiful landscapes.


Brielle is the youngest of four and has lived in Cold Lake area all her life. She is an energetic, vibrant grade 7 girl who loves adventure and finds enjoyment in whatever she does. She's great with kids and her love for life rubs off on those around her.


Nicole Lemieux is an avid gardener who enjoys learning about the natural growth of vegetables and herbs from the garden to the table. For the past few years, she welcomes each opportunity to share the importance of growing some of their own food to the younger generation with fun and hands-on gardening activities.

Deanna Dolstra

Deanna has been playing fiddle for over 30 years and is trained in Ottawa Valley Step Dance. She  competed in fiddle and step dance in the Ontario Contest Circuit for many years. She has trained with various instructors across Ontario. Deanna released her own independent album in 2002. She played for over a decade with the band "Celtic Powerhouse". She has been a guest performer and has appeared on recordings with various other artists and groups. She performs all over Canada during the year. Deanna currently teaches predominantly group lessons of all ages, and has over 100 students across East-Central Alberta. 


Celeste has been in Cold Lake for the past 4 years. She has a wealth of experience in jobs ranging from security, to cooking, to working with seniors. She attended Bible School in Florida and has given much of her time helping others since then.  She is very creative and experienced at making all sorts of crafts.

Denis and Cheryl

Average Joes. Perfectly and wonderfully made. Desiring to equip young people with skills to enhance their imagination.

DROPPING OFF - 9:00 a.m  / PICK UP - 3:30 p.m.
You will be directed to the sanctuary where there are colour-coded tables set up. Your child will leave their coat and boots at the table matching the colour of their LAST session. From here, they will be taken to the room where their first session is held. There will be people available to help.









At the end of the day, your child will be at the table where you initially dropped them off. Please connect with the table leader before taking your child. Any items to be taken home will be on this table.


What will my child eat for snacks and lunch?

A morning snack of apple pieces and a granola bar will be provided. At lunch, two slices of pizza and a drink will be provided. If you wish your child to eat something different, or has dietary constraints, we ask that you send an alternative snack and lunch with your child.

I am having troubles registering online. What do I do?

Please call (780-594-5542 ext. 2), or e-mail ( ) the church. We will do what we can to help. If you do not wish to pay using a credit card online, you can call the the church for alternative forms of payment.

The session my child wishes to register in is full. What do we do?

Unfortunately, when a session is full, your child will have to select another session. As the conference fills, choices will become more limited.

Is there a waiting list once the Summit has reached its maximum capacity?

Yes, we will have a waiting list. If there is a cancellation, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please be aware that your child will attend whatever sessions the child who cancelled was registered in.

What is GO Protect?

We have a protection plan in place called GO Protect. All paid and unpaid staff are screened, including a criminal record check with the vulnerable sector check and reference checks. We adhere to the policies established within that plan. As such, the doors will be locked after 9:15, and only those people who have a good reason to be in the building will be allowed in. 

What if I need to get a hold of my child during the Summit?

You can either come to the church in person (if the door is locked, simply ring the bell), or you can call the office.  780-594-5542 ext. 2

What is your cancellation policy?

We need to purchase and prep all projects that children will be creating during the Grow and GO Summit. As such, no refunds will be given, but do let us know if there are extenuating circumstances. In that case, the Summit committee will determine if a refund is warranted.



If my child is unable to attend the Kids Summit, I will contact the church at 780-594-5542 ext. 2, so a child on the waiting list can attend. 


We will be taking pictures/video throughout the day. These might be used online, in print,  and during church services. If there is a reason that your child cannot have pictures/videos published in any of these three medias, please add that to the comments during the registration process.

Purpose and Extent:

Cold Lake Community Church is collecting and retaining personal information for the purpose of enrolling your child in our Kids Summit. This information will be maintained indefinitely as it is a requirement of our insurance company and legal counsel.

The safety of your child(ren) is our primary concern. Precautions will be taken for their well-being and protection. There are some sessions which indicated that your child could potentially experience minor injury, and by signing up for that session, you indicate that you and your child understand the added risk. Please see the session descriptions for the safety notes.

I/we, named on the registration, undertake and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ministry Personnel, Cold Lake Community Church, it's Pastors and Pastoral Council from and against any loss, damage or injury suffered by the participant as a result of being part of the Summit activities of Cold Lake Community Church. This consent and authorization is effective only when participating in the Summit activity sponsored by Cold Lake Community Church. 


Some information to know before you register:

  • You will be asked to confirm you have read, understood, and agree with the above disclaimer.
  • You will be asked which sessions your child would like to attend during the day. If one is full at a certain time, you can try another time slot. Or try a different session choice. Sessions have limited number of spaces available.
    • We highly recommend that you include your child in this process. In the past, we have found that at times:
      1. kids are interested in different sessions than expected.
      2. kids are more cooperative in the session if they chose it.
  • You will be asked for credit card information (Sorry, the Debit option is not available) to pay the $25 non-refundable registration fee.
    • Please note that if you do not wish to pay using a credit card, you can call the office for alternate forms of payment, since your registration will not process online without payment.
  • Please check that the information entered is correct especially email addresses and current phone numbers.
  • If you have any troubles during registration or have any questions, please call (780-594-5542 ext. 2), e-mail ( ), or come to the church during office hours (Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 4:00). We will do what we can to help. 
  • If there is anything we should know to help us lead your child during the day, please add that in the child section under comments.
  • If you are ready to register your child(ren), please do so below.

**  Please read the session descriptions so you are aware of safety concerns and age limitations the session may have. Please note that if your child does not follow the safety instructions given, s/he will not be permitted to continue participating in the session.