Here at CLCC we believe in spreading the good news of the gospel.  Here are a few mission projects that we currently support.


David Ritz - Montreal

David Ritz

It was during chapel in Bible college in 2005 when David heard two statistics about Montreal that shaped his desire for ministry; 0.5% evangelical Christians in Quebec, and 150,000 university students in the downtown core. Montreal boasts one of the largest student populations per capita in North America and is home to several post-secondary university and college campuses. After interning for a university church in Montreal for a year, David’s desire to impact the student population in Montreal only grew. During the same season of life, David met and married Jeannie who had a similar desire for student ministry.

David and Jeannie have now lived in Montreal for the past six years where David has been serving Anglophone students at McGill University. But more recently, they have felt God moving them in the direction of serving Francophone students in Quebec. If faith is difficult on Anglophone campuses, it is even more difficult on Francophone campuses (universities and CEGEPs), where there is very little to no gospel presence.

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Nish and Kristin Kandangama (Sri Lanka)


Ministry Focus: Nishanthe and Kristin have a call to the nation of Sri Lanka that is deeply rooted. They officially became Global Workers in 2013 and have been serving in Sri Lanka now for nearly three years. Arriving on the field they had only one baby in tow and now have three children, Aneisha, Mikaela, and Jayden. As a family they enjoy engaging in the community in which they live and serve. On a full time basis they run a community centre in a rural setting and serve in kids church and kids camps whenever opportunity presents itself.

The BUD (Building Up Dreams) Centre  provides support in vocational training as they teach Art, English, Math, Sinhala, and Computer classes that are beneficial to the future of the kids who attend. A very small percentage of the kids who attend are Christian and therefore the need for the gospel is great. However, due to many reasons giving the gospel is neither simple or well accepted.

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Ministry History: Nishanthe was born and raised in Sri Lanka. At a young age he accepted Christ and it dramatically changed the direction of his future. He went on to do ministry after completing high school. He served in many nations but ultimately God was calling him to serve in Sri Lanka. 
Kristin went on several short term missions to Sri Lanka before solidifying her call to full time ministry there. After their marriage in 2007 they knew that God wanted them to establish a ministry centre in Sri Lanka.

Prayer Requests:

  • That the BUD Centre will be a place where lives are impacted
  • For creative ways to reach a community in need of Jesus
  • For health and protection over our family as we serve
  • That all our financial needs will continue to be met

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Vanguard College

Vanguard College

Every year we support Vanguard College. It is our local accredited Bible College providing theological training and programs to equip students of all ages with tools to effectively reach our communities with the Gospel.

We have the opportunity to have the Vanguard College Choir or a representative from the college visit us annually to share about what God is doing at Vanguard. We are grateful to be able to support the great work they are doing both through their local campus and through Vanguard Online.

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